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Alien Landscapes

Time to see what I can do with my new photo software. Here are a couple of pictures from Noosa. The first is a long exposure which had some tone mapping applied, followed by black-and-white conversion, followed by an infrared filter.

Alien Landscape

This one was shot with an infrared filter to start with (hence it’s so soft). Added the fiery colour in post-process.

Alien Landscape


With the river 20m from our house, one doesn’t have to go far to photograph wildlife. I’d packed my long lens only as an afterthought (it’s heavy enough to need thinking about), but I was very glad I had it with me as I found an extremely cooperative subject. I even caught it with a fish!

Also, the trees around us seem to have dropped quite a lot of colourful rotting berries onto the driveway. Looking very rustic, for an inner-ring suburb.

Autumnal Berries

Boondall Wetlands

The Boondall Wetlands have one overriding characteristic: They are full of mosquitos. The kind that thinks deet is especially attractive. However, photos don’t shoot themselves, and those of us who want goannas, or egrets, or pelicans, must put up with the microscopic wildlife, too.

Infrared Experiments

The first attempts with my new infrared filter. First, the standard colour image:


And here’s the corresponding image, taken through an infrared filter


Black-and-white conversion for both images yield dramatic results. First, the colour shot converted to black and white.


Converting the infrared image to black-and-white results in the classic infrared look, with white trees: