Mount Coot-tha Botanical Gardens

After all the fun I had last time at the City Botanic Gardens with their waterfall we decided to see what flowing water might be available at its bigger out-of-town sibling. Since I had my Key Grip with me to carry things I brought all my lenses, and even a tripod. We came away with several lovely shots, including my current favourite, a currawong in flight. In the expectation that it might take off I’d adjusted the camera settings in advance, and got rewarded with a sharp image of it flying away, including its reflection. Pleased, I am.

Yesterday’s shoot also produced my contribution to today’s Daily Shoot.

Currawong in Flight
A currawong, going places.
The 1/4s exposure makes the water blur.
Purple Filigree
A beautiful, delicate-looking plant.
A field of slim-stemmed plants.
Reflected Japanese Garden
The Japanese Garden, upside-down.
Yellow Daisy
My Daily Shoot contribution