A whole new artform to play with

I took my new camera to Daisy Hill at the weekend, to explore its capabilities while Other People took their mountain bike up and down trails (and had a puncture — but that’s another story). Anyway, new camera has HD Video recording capability, and I was lucky enough to run into a wild kangaroo in the picnic area. The kangaroo was only interested in picnic remains (of which there were none — by and large, Australians leave their picnic areas tidy) and, having determined that I wasn’t edible, proceeded to ignore me. So I shot my first-ever video. I think my camera work could do with improving but still, a wild kangaroo this close, how cool is that?

Since this was so much fun, I repeated the experiment with a not-so-wild koala at the Daisy Hill Koala Centre. It was almost dusk and the koalas were waking up and starting to move around. In fact, this was the most active koala I’ve ever seen.

I still prefer photographs but it’s fun to try a movie from time to time. Meanwhile, here are the best of the weekend’s pictures.