Karawatha Forest

At the weekend we discovered a new location: Karawatha State Forest. Even knowing where it is, it turned out that it was extremely easy to drive past the entrance as the local council hadn’t felt it necessary to put up any kind of advance indication that a side road was coming up. Having driven past the first time, we turned around at the first opportunity (easier said than done), and very nearly managed to drive past again. Saved by the iPad, again.

Once in the park it was lovely though, dappled sunlight filtering through the eucalypts. This park has only walking trails — for mountain biking one has to go to nearby Daisy Hill, and frequently we do. We picked a walking trail and set off. The weather was perfect for walking, 25C (as in, not yet too hot). Large butterflies fluttered by, so naturally we went hunting for a shot.


Everything is dry after a dry winter. We crossed some river beds where only the shape and arrangement of stones hinted that water might be present some of the year. And the trail had some oddly-shaped trees on it. Do pay attention to the captions; I sometimes try to produce puns….