Mobile Blogging

With the weather warming up, and a lovely outside balcony, I have been considering how best to work with our various computers without having to sit indoors. There are multiple, varied options (all right, there are exactly two):

1) Use MacBook Pro
2) Use iPad

Option 1) requires booting up rarely-used laptop (since I recently inherited a 24-in iMac).
Option 2) requires typing on an on-screen keyboard.

Then, I had an idea: Didn’t the New iMac come with a wireless keyboard? One that we decided not to use in favour of a full-size one? And doesn’t the iPad have Bluetooth?

It took a bit longer than I would have liked — I discovered that unlike their wired counterparts, wireless keyboards require batteries and have an ‘On’ switch, together with an indicator light that is all but invisible in bright sunlight. Undeterred I hunted for batteries, voltmeters, and obscure Apple support articles, and in the end I got what I wanted: A decent typing setup for the iPad that can be used outdoors.

Attached a piccie whose sole reason for existing is that I wanted to find out how to get the WordPress app to include a photo. It turns out that it is not enough for the photos to be in the Media Library of the blog server; they have to be locally on the iPad. Which means connecting the iPad to a new computer it had never seen. More yaks were shaved before success finally beckoned.

Back to proper photo blogging soon.